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Chapter 19: Cooperation

In less than two minutes a middle-aged couple had come in together. She didn’t recognize the man, but the woman was Ning Yan's mother, the middle-aged woman who was fond of cheongsam. Now she seemed to be ten years older compared to their first meeting. Her complexion looked haggard and dark. The recent days must have been difficult.

Tang Susu quickened her movements and left the office in a hurry with the empty food box before the two people spoke.

When the office door was closing, she turned and looked at the two.

"Mr. Ning and Mrs. Ning came specifically to find me, what can I do for you?"

Shi Chengxuan crossed his arms and sat on the chair behind his desk. The young man was twenty years younger than him. The opposite party had the skill to make a person feel fear. For the Ning family, he had to take this trip.

"I came for Yanyan today, Chengxuan, for the sake of our relationship. Help Xiaoyan, she already knows she was wrong!" Mrs. Ning did not wait for her husband to speak and rushed to open her mouth.

To obtain Mrs. Shi's forgiveness, the Ning family had to drive their daughter out of the house and let her go to the hospital to take care of her husband.

After Shi Chong learned that he could no longer have sex, his temper became extremely irritable. As long as Ning Yan was nearby, he would break into a violent fit.

Even if her daughter was wrong, Mrs. Ning could not bear it. She even proposed to let her daughter and Shi Chong divorce. It happened that the Shi family didn't think that there was anything wrong with Shi Chong's behavior. Instead, she was told that a married daughter was like poured-out water. For this lifetime Ning Yan belonged to the Shi household and would be the ghost of the Shi household after death. There was no way they could divorce.

Mrs. Shi’s comment didn’t make sense to her. The elders of the Shi family wouldn't meet them and didn't respond to their cry for help. Eventually, the Ning couple could only seek out Shi Chengxuan.

Shi Chengxuan raised his sharp eyebrows.

"I'm not in charge of this matter. You might as well beg my eldest brother."

"But Cheng'en says Yanyan can’t divorce unless she gives birth to the Shi family's child. But Shi Chong, he……this is not Xiaoyan’s main ambition in life."

As soon as the eldest child of the Shi family opened his mouth to make an impossible condition, it completely cut off the Ning family's escape route.

The more Mrs. Ning talked, the sadder she felt, and her tears flowed non-stop. Shi Chengxuan was not moved. It was his big brother, how could he not understand. He refused to let go just because the price given by the Ning family failed to impress him.

Even though they knew it was useless to compromise, the Ning family wanted to change partners.

Everyone had their plans. Shi Chengxuan was interested in the Ning family.

Sensing his silence, Ning Yongkui closed his eyes.

"Chengxuan, that piece of land at Yongning Road, what do you think about it?"

The Ning Company had spent more than 10 billion yuan on the land last year, which was intended to be used to build the largest shopping and entertainment center in Fenglin City. Many people were eyeing this piece of land, and Shi Chengxuan was one of them.

But at that time, the Nings’ intended partner was his big brother Shi Cheng'en.

Shi Chengxuan smiled as he heard him. He stared at Ning Yongkui as if to peg a prey.

"The land is good, but there are too many people."

When Ning Yongkui heard him say this, his face twitched.

 Once the shopping center would be built, it would be a business worth a billion. Shi Chengxuan's appetite was big, he wanted to take the lead from the starting point.

This was simply the big mouth of a lion. If it had been put to other times, Ning Yongkui would not have talked with the other party at all and would have left long ago, but he couldn’t leave today. He was sure that as long as the conversation between him and Shi Chengxuan was over today, some other day the Di Jiang Group would spare no effort to deal with the Ning family.

To build a shopping center, most of the Nings’ working capital was invested into it. Once targeted, he was afraid it would be hard to fight back.

This was why he must marry his daughter. Even if it wasn’t marriage with Shi Chengxuan, they must be tied by marriage to the Shi family.

Unfortunately, the younger son was unreachable, so he could only turn to the elder son of the Shi family.

Originally, it was a good idea. Who could have thought that in the blink of an eye, everything would be ruined?

Ning Yongkui was even distressed for his daughter, sometimes he could not help but feel anger, thinking about how to teach his daughter.

"Now there is only ten percent left. If Chengxuan is willing to help me this time, I am willing to take out half of my share." Ning Yongkui bit his teeth.

"25%." Shi Chengxuan pulled out a cigar and gently sniffed it under his nose, all the while without raising his head.

"This is impossible!" The Ning family only had 40%. Ning Yongkui could not help but be angry. 100% of the benefits were divided equally. The number of shares held by each family was uncertain. If Shi Chengxuan got 25% at once, the Ning family was simply making wedding clothes for others.

Shi Cheng'en, who had a lion's mouth, held no more than just more than a half percent. Shi Chengxuan unexpectedly asked for more than ten percent.

Shi Chengxuan lifted the corner of his lips. His dark eyes were bottomless.

"President Ning can always consider slowly, I am not in hurry."

Ning Yongkui angrily left the Di Jiang Group. He had just sat in the car, ready to go back to the company when he received a phone call from the secretary.

After hanging up the phone, he sat in the car for a long time, then covered his face with his hands and said to the driver, "Turn around and go to Di Jiang."

Mrs. Ning looked puzzledly at her husband.

"What happened?"

"The Xue family and the Fan family both objected to the contract at the same time."

"Has it……been done by Shi Chengxuan?" Mrs. Ning didn’t quite understand her husband's work, but she was not the kind of woman who knew nothing.

As soon as they left Di Jiang, the two groups both immediately released the words. It was apparently to put pressure on her husband.

"I underestimated him."

"Otherwise, let's go back and talk to Shi Cheng’en. He only needs 15%…" Mrs. Ning looked at her husband with concern.

"It's no use, Shi Cheng’en is no match for Shi Chengxuan at all, what's more, even if I give Shi Cheng’en half a percent, he won't bring us any good."

He guessed that Shi Chengxuan wouldn’t let his eldest brother get this pie for no reason even if he didn't have a daughter.

That evil wolf-like man didn’t seem to be kind at all.

Shi Chengxuan was not lenient at all.

"What about Yanyan?" Originally, it was like this with the Shi Family, before they turned to join hands with Shi Chengxuan. How could Shi Cheng’en spare her daughter?

"You can rest assured that as long as the price is enough to make Shi Chengxuan satisfied, he would certainly make us content."

On the same day, the Ning couple went both in and out of the Di Jiang Group, and only Secretary Wu knew about it.


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