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Chapter 18: Don't Have The Same Point Of View

When Mrs. Shi saw her in-laws, she didn’t have a smile on her face. She couldn't wait to swallow their family whole. Her son was fine half a month ago but now he was in a sorry state. Ning Yan! Ning Yan! Mrs. Shi couldn’t wait to get even with her daughter-in-law.

Above all, those so-called specialists instructed her to prepare.

Prepare for what? Her son was obviously fine. How could he not have sex?! Mrs. Shi's heart felt heavy.

Tang Susu went to the secretariat after finding out that her boss was in the hospital again, and looked for Secretary Wu.

Hearing that Tang Susu was looking for him, Secretary Wu felt a bit strange and went to see her.

"Miss Tang, it's been a long time. Is there anything you want to do with me?"

Tang Susu nodded at Secretary Wu and directly said, "I know that I was able to enter Di Jiang thanks to Secretary Wu. I’ve learned a lot in the company in the recent months, so I came to thank you in person."

Secretary Wu raised his eyebrow, as he didn’t think that Tang Susu came specifically to thank him.

"Miss Tang, this is…"

"Secretary Wu, I intend to resign."

"Resign? Why?" Secretary Wu looked surprised.

"My boss and I don't share the same views, so I can't continue to work for him."

This was the most innovative resignation declaration that Secretary Wu had heard in his career for over ten years.

"Cough!" He clenched his fist and coughed gently. Thinking about the news that had come from the Shi household, he covered the smile that rushed to his mouth.

"You don't have to resign in a hurry, so wait until tomorrow."

People that were recruited at the behest of the boss were only driven away by him. The boss hadn't given his consent, therefore he didn't dare to make decisions without authorization. He got ready to go back and ask for instructions.

Tang Susu didn't refuse and answered with a nod.

After seeing Tang Susu off, Secretary Wu took out his mobile phone and dialed the big boss.

"President, Miss Tang wants to resign."

"......Reason?" After a long pause, probably recalling who Miss Tang was, the big boss answered.

"Cough. Miss Tang said her views don’t coincide with her superior."

There was silence for a while before the boss chuckled.

"Then give her a new boss."


In a villa in Tianding mountain, a sofa was placed in the center of the large screening hall. A man naked from the waist up, with a tall stature, was sitting on the sofa with his arms spread out. His wet hair tips still dripped and the water drops swelled and glided down the muscle lines showing his strength. On the screen in front of him appeared the images of two people, Shen Xiaoyue and Tang Susu.

From their first encounter to their separation, nothing was left out.

The slide finally stopped at a picture of Shen Xiaoyue sitting on a shabby bus with a relieved smile on her face.

"Heh, interesting..."

Tang Susu did not resign successfully because she was promoted.

After working for a few months, because of her excellent performance, she was promoted from assistant of the general manager to assistant of the president.

It was a record that had never existed before and would never exist again.

The whole Di Jiang Group wanted to know what magic potion she had given to Secretary Wu, to be promoted to assistant of the president.

Tang Susu, the party concerned, was also in a daze. Maybe it was because Secretary Wu was a good person?

In any case, the salary had increased, and the boss was very pleasing to the eye.

As for the operating space, she didn’t insist on anything. The president already had dozens of assistants. She was becoming a monk at a late age[1] and couldn’t beat them at all. [半路出家 become a monk/nun late in life; switch to a new profession (one was) not trained for=====the text meant to say she was not trained for the assistance anyway so she was okay with any workspace he would give.]

As for approaching the president, she hadn’t even thought about it. All of his affairs were taken care of by Secretary Wu. He even prepared his three meals.

Today, this special honor fell onto Tang Susu.

 If you thought it was a simple job, you’d be wrong. On the first day of delivery, the little assistant who was shut out of the office was feeling hungry.

After waiting outside the door for nearly an hour, the solid wood door of the office was finally opened from inside. Several department managers came out with dishes and the last one who came out was Secretary Wu.

He saw Tang Susu, who was carrying the food box, and smiled at her.

"Go in."

Tang Susu walked into the president's office with some trepidation. The door behind her was closed tightly after she entered.

When she looked up, she saw a tall man standing in front of the sofa wearing only a white shirt and undoing the buttons. It was her direct superior, Shi Chengxuan.

"President, here is your lunch."

"En." Shi Chengxuan raised his chin toward her and beckoned her to place the food on the coffee table beside the sofa.

Tang Susu followed his instructions as naturally as a river would follow its course. She took out the special president's package from the canteen of the company and put the small dishes on the coffee table.

Even after picking it up an hour ago, the aroma of the food was still strong.

Gou Dan, who was starving to death, didn’t get the chance to taste Shi Chengxuan's unique delicacies in advance. She thought this was what they called bullying the weak and fearing the strong.

This man's imposing aura was a bit scary. Even Gou Dan, who was not afraid of Tang Susu’s family, or going to heaven, had shrunk into a ball.

Especially when he came over, it was like a herbivore meeting a top predator. He looked as though he wanted to dominate the top of the food chain. This made her breathing cautious.

Shi Chengxuan ate quickly, but his posture was very elegant. Just as Tang Susu removed her eyes from the president's face, which seemed to have a magnetic force, all the food on the table had been eaten up.

Well… the president had a good appetite, and most people would be afraid they couldn’t afford it.

Tempted by the aroma of food, Gou Dan, who was not given even a lick of the soup was curled into a ball as he whispered “meow meow,” in Tang Susu's ear. His little voice was soft and pitiful.

Since learning to surf the Internet, Gou Dan had given up claiming to be a Hou. He agreed to become a cat without any pressure and by now he had learned several tactics of a cat.

Pretending to be poor was one of them.

Tang Susu's heart felt so weak that she couldn't wait to rob Shi Chengxuan of his bowl.

"Is your phone ringing?" Putting down the bowl in his hand, Shi Chengxuan suddenly turned to ask her.

"Huh, no?"

While Tang Susu was wondering why he asked, she heard him say, "There is a cat meowing."

"..." Tang Susu stiffly turned her head and squinted at Gou Dan. Gou Dan also stiffened, and stopped meowing.

Fortunately, Shi Chengxuan did not ask further questions about the meowing. He got up and went to his desk, leaving Tang Susu to clean up the dishes.

"Did he hear it?" She whispered to Gou Dan.

"Don’t know..." Gou Dan was also surprised. He didn’t dare to act rashly and hung on her shoulder quietly and sincerely.

While she was cleaning up, she heard a knock on the door.


As the office door opened, Secretary Wu announced, "President, Mr. Ning and Mrs. Ning want to see you."

"Let them in."


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