Shi Chengxuan glanced at it for only a few seconds. He left the bedside lamp on for her and quietly left.

In the dim light, Gou Dan laid angrily on the bedside table, still upset about the meat skewers he hadn’t gotten to eat. Tang Susu, unaware of its melancholy, was cheerfully snoring.

The next morning, Tang Susu met Xiao Zihua downstairs while eating breakfast. She smiled and greeted him. Xiao Zihua's eyes were showing complicated emotions.

His face was blank and defenseless. He considered her as the president's little fairy. Nonetheless, the fact was a slap in his face. Their president had been eaten and wiped clean...

As Xiao Zihua's eyes became more and more strange, Tang Susu took her breakfast, turned around silently, and found another table to sit down at.

After a while, Shi Chengxuan entered the dining hall wearing a crisp suit. Tang Susu raised her head to take a look. The current him made her ponder if the person she had seen yesterday was just an illusion in her imagination.

Xiao Zihua stood straight when he saw that the president was carrying the breakfast, expecting him to sit beside him, but... he walked straight to his ''little fairy".

The driver, who was sitting at the same table as Xiao Zihua and silently chewing Baozi, scooted the chair to the side, staying far from him.

After having breakfast, the group drove straight to Linjia Village.

From Yushu Township to Linjia Village, the road was not easy. Fortunately they were driving an off-road vehicle, so besides a little jerk here and there, the rest of the journey was smooth.

The closer they got to Linjia Village, the more vehicles they got to see. They were all luxurious cars. In such a small and undeveloped place, if one didn’t know any better, they would think that there was a world-famous auto show happening.

These people had come for Tai Sui. Whether they wanted to buy or dig, the existence of these people undoubtedly made Linjia Village valuable.

Before coming, Tang Susu had called Lin Jintang. According to the address he had given, she soon found his home.

Lin Jintang's house was a relatively remote one. There were neither houses nor people in a radius of a few meters. The house had a roof with three big tiles and huge yards. There was a large area around the backyard, and a flock of chickens and a pig in the front yard.

Lin Jintang seemed to hear the noise and soon came out from the inside. At the sight of Tang Susu with her group of people, he immediately put on a welcoming smile.

He was dressed in muddy clothing, his hands stained with black ash. It looked like he had been in the middle of something. His smile made people feel comfortable. However, the premise of all this was that he was not standing in the yard.

It looked like an ordinary farmhouse. Although there was no female companion, it was still tidy. Tang Susu was standing outside the courtyard with solemn expression.

The foul air around the yard had not dispersed, especially in a large water vat in the yard, which also exuded a disgusting stench.

The others around her didn’t seem to notice at all.

Tang Susu did not move, but Xiao Zihua quickly stepped forward, shook hands with Lin Jintang, and introduced his purpose in coming.

Lin Jintang had an innocent smile on his face. He patted his chest as an assurance that he would take them around Linjia Village today.

"Then when shall we start?" Xiao Zihua was impatient. Moreover, he needed to privately know about the land first before the people at the ends of crazy came over.

When those people came over, they would only see what they let them see.

"Wait a moment, I'll clean up. Just now I was making fire and I’m covered in ash. You guys go inside and take a break, just give me two minutes.”

Just as Tang Susu wanted to refuse, she saw Xiao Zihua nodding his head.

Everyone else went in, and it wouldn't be good for only her to wait outside, so she had to walk in together with others. As Gou Dan had told her, the filthy aura would not contaminate people for no reason, but it indeed looked disgusting.

She deliberately walked around the big water vat in the yard. It seemed that Xiao Zihua had never been to the countryside before. He was curious about everything. He also came in front of the big water vat and looked inside. "Brother Lin, what is in this vat? ”

"Oh! This is the Tai Sui that I dug up a while ago. I heard that it can grow by itself if put in the water, so I threw them there.”

"Wow! Is it really Tai Sui? Isn't it said that eating it will prolong your life, did you not eat it?”

"Such a good thing, will it not be a waste if I eat it?" Lin Jintang's voice came from the inside after a while.

Xiao Zihua looked around the vat for a long period, then turned to Shi Chengxuan, who stood far away from the vat, and said, "Boss, why don't we buy a piece and send it to the old master? The old master will be happy.”

"Dirty." Shi Chengxuan looked at him coldly and replied with only one word.

"Also, this thing was buried for who knows how many years. However, if it really can prolong one’s life, then there is a limit to how much dirt you can eat.”

Tang Susu turned to look at him, when Tang Susu heard Shi Chengxuan saying this. She could clearly notice the disgust in his eyes. However, she felt that what he said and what Xiao Zihua understood was not the same.

Lin Jintang did not make them wait for too long. He changed into jeans and a T-shirt which looked pleasing to the eye.

In line with Xiao Zihua's request, he took them to see some places with good scenery. It must be said that the scenery of Linjia Village was remarkable. There were two streams, which originated from the east and west, and then met together.

Behind the stream was a series of undulating hills. They were not high, and very easy to hike. However, there were a lot of wild animals in the mountain. If one wanted to hunt, then they could open a hunting reserve around the mountain, which would be the main attraction for the people who showed interest in hunting.

There were many trees in the village, and the trees were planted on both sides of the trail. It wasn’t known how many years ago they had been planted. The canopy was already connected together. If one waited until the flowering season, one could imagine how beautiful the scenery would be.

After seeing only a few places, Xiao Zihua's expression relaxed a lot. This place was really nice. Even if one didn’t make a large resort, one could still make a small farmhouse and attract many people.

Having visited all the places he wanted to visit, Xiao Zihua suddenly proposed that Lin Jintang should take them to the Mogu Cong.

Because outsiders who were visiting seemed to be going to that place, and they were also talking about this Mogu Cong, he was really curious.

Unfortunately, this request was rejected by Lin Jintang.

Xiao Zihua was a little disappointed, but going there was not necessary. Just as noon arrived, they found a snack shop, and decided to eat there first.

There were few people in the village in the first place, and limited places to sell things, so there was only one snack shop and the food that could be provided wasn’t really good.

Fortunately, no one was picky. Each person carried a bowl of rice and ate the most common farm-style food, which was quite fragrant.

There was almost enough food, and there were more people coming down from the mountains to the square outside. That group of people were still talking about Tai Sui. So far, they hadn’t dug up any Tai Sui, but some of them had come to join in the fun. It didn't matter if they didn't dig up Tai Sui; there were many wild sorbs and hawthorns on the mountain. Just put a big bag down and take it as a picnic.


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