"Boss, will it interfere with our plan?" Manager Xiao anxiously asked Shi Chengxuan, who was standing aside quietly, wearing an outstanding handmade suit.

"Let's see first. Didn't Assistant Tang mention that she knew someone from Linjia village? Let's meet him tomorrow."

Shi Chengxuan's eyes fell on Tang Susu with an unknown expression.

Tang Susu quickly replied, "I've already told Cousin Jin. Let's go to his place tomorrow. He happens to have time to show us around."

What she said satisfied Manager Xiao a little. His impression of her was somewhat improved.

People who could travel with the president were naturally confident. Xiao Zihua was puzzled. Why would the boss take Tang Susu out this time?

His impression was that Tang Susu entered the company by relying on her relationship with Secretary Wu. She didn't have special talents. She got paid a high salary just by giving meals to the boss, printing documents, and serving tea.

However, anyone with hands could do that job, so she had to squeeze out such a position. He had hinted at Secretary Wu several times to no avail. He thought that Secretary Wu had deliberately arranged such a person to seduce the boss.

Although he still had this thought, his impression of Tang Susu was improving.

Tang Susu wasn't used to the bed, so she couldn't sleep. Earlier Gou Dan had smelled the wafts of barbecue aroma floating out of the window and urged her to have another meal, otherwise, she would not be allowed to sleep tonight.

There was no other option, she could only compromise.

Tang Susu changed into light clothes, took her room card and wallet, and headed out.

Not far from the hotel was a street that had vendors selling snacks. There were quite a few people at the barbecue stall. The stall owner was standing in front of the barbecue grill, holding a lot of mutton skewers in his hand. Cumin and chili noodles were mixed with the fragrance of mutton, which made others drool.

Tang Susu ordered some food, collected the receipt, and looked for a vacant seat. When she looked around, she didn't see any empty seats. Tang Susu saw a man who was drinking beer. It was Shi Chengxuan.

Wasn’t it known that CEOs only ate steak and drank red wine?

Who was the man wearing shorts and a black T-shirt, with messy hair, emitting pheromones?

She must have seen the wrong boss!

As Shi Chengxuan caught her staring at him, he put down the beer cup in his hand and looked up at her.

"Come here."

Tang Susu did not hear his voice, she only saw his lips move. Without thinking twice, Tang Susu went over.

As she was making her way through, she saw a group of little girls wearing cool clothes and heavy makeup riled up. When they saw Shi Chengxuan, their eyes all glowed.

One of the girls lowered her body slightly, leaned against Shi Chengxuan's ear, and asked,

"Hey, can we join you?" She was wearing black suspenders and cowboy underpants.

"No," Shi Chengxuan answered lazily without lifting his head.

"Don't be so ruthless... " The girl was not embarrassed by being rejected. Instead, she was frustrated. She grew braver, laying one hand on his shoulder as she gently stroked it. "Isn't it lonely drinking alone?"

"I have a companion."

Tang Susu came and happened to hear this sentence.

She couldn't help but click her tongue. She thought this kind of situation could only be encountered in a bar. He deserved to be a boss. Who else could capture a beautiful woman while eating barbecue?

"Is it her?" the girl asked in a mocking tone as she looked Tang Susu up and down. Obviously, Tang Susu, who didn’t even wear lipstick, was dried noodles in clear soup[1].

"What's wrong with me?" Tang Susu asked while she unceremoniously knocked the girl's hand off of Shi Chengxuan's shoulder and sat down close to him. "At least I don't look like a ghost. Miss, next time you go out, don't dress like this. It's easy to scare people. Even cats and dogs will be startled."

The girl didn't expect Tang Susu to be so sharp. She was furious.

Shi Chengxuan hooked up the corners of his mouth and gave half of his beer to Tang Susu. Tang Susu held his beer and gulped down the rest.

Really…karma was a bitch.

When she finally finished drinking the beer, their table was quiet. The group of rowdy girls left. Although several of them kept looking back, fortunately, no one came up to strike up a conversation.

Tang Susu covered her mouth and hiccuped.

"If you still want to drink, it’ll be my treat." Putting down the empty glass, Shi Chengxuan smiled and asked her.

Tang Susu turned her head and stared at him for three seconds. She felt that the mighty and divine image of her boss was crumbling down, so she replied, "I'll treat you today, then another day you could treat me to Lafite 82, and we will be even."

"Do you like to drink red wine?"

"I don't like it."

"Then why specifically pick Lafite."

"Because it is expensive." A very honest answer.


She didn’t know if the voice next to her was too noisy, or if she was in a little trance. She felt like his voice was like a hook, it scratched her heart.

Tang Susu didn’t drink very often, and her capacity for drinking was so poor that after two beers, she felt like the world was spinning. She had underestimated the capacity of the beer mug and overestimated her capacity for drinking.

After some time the barbecue finally arrived. Tang Susu didn't get to eat a bite because Shi Chengxuan ate quickly.

As Gou Dan looked at those fragrant meat skewers being eaten up, he felt so wronged that he almost cried.

The barbecue was eaten until eleven o'clock. Tang Susu took out one hundred yuan from her wallet and placed it on the table, indicating that the waiter could keep the change.

Afterward, the waiter told her that she was twenty yuan short.

She could have sworn she heard Shi Chengxuan's laughter.

She truly wanted to drill a hole and hide inside.

Xiao Zihua felt that he was a bit out of luck. He felt thirsty in the middle of the night and went down to drink water. He then heard someone talking in the corridor, became a little curious, and opened the door to see.

What did he see?

His wise, divine, and mighty boss and Tang Susu, hugging each other as they went into Tang Susu's room.


If you see something you shouldn't see, will you be silenced by your boss?

Or fired?

It's better to shut up.

Because she got drunk, he had to be responsible for her. Shi Chengxuan seldom sent people back kindly, but unfortunately, this had been seen by Xiao Zihua.

He didn't miss Xiao Zihua's frightened eyes before closing the door.

He could imagine what kind of story he was currently weaving in his brain.

Even so, Shi Chengxuan dutifully took Tang Susu back to her bed and helped her take off her shoes.

Shi Chengxuan stood in the room with his hand folded in front of his chest, watching her roll twice in bed, to successfully wrap herself into the sheets.

His eyes swept around the room and finally landed on the desk in the corner. Tang Susu hadn’t had time to clean up before she had gone out. Washing utensils and cosmetics were scattered on a table, and sandwiched between them, the white five-toothed comb wasn’t very conspicuous.

TL Notes:

[1]: Dried noodles in clear soup means a woman who doesn’t usually wear makeup.


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