According to Lin Jintang, there was a large mountain range behind Linjia Village. After crossing several mountains, there was a mountain called Mogu Cong[1]. There were many mushrooms in that place, and the Tai Sui had been dug up from there. Moreover, this is not the first time that their family had dug up Tai Sui. A few years ago, they had also dug up a piece of Tai Sui.

 [TL Note: Mogu Cong means mushroom clusters.]

Although he hadn’t said where the piece of Tai Sui had gone, seeing Old Master Tang's proud expression, they guessed he had given it to the Tang family.

Tang Susu was a bit stunned after hearing this. She couldn't help but wonder if this one had been set up by her father today; how else could it be so coincidental? Her boss was about to go to Linjia Village for an inspection, and the rare Tai Sui had been dug out from there.

Because everyone's attention was focused on Tai Sui, they didn't notice that when hearing about the Mogu Cong, Old Lady Tang's eyes flashed with panic.

On her birthday, she had received Tai Sui, a symbol of longevity. Old Lady Tang, who was supposed to be happy, somehow felt depressed again. In the middle of the banquet, she was helped back to the house to rest. The box of Tai Sui did not have its own hands, so she took it with her.

“This is really getting more and more interesting.”

Tang Susu leaned against the door and looked at the young countryman, who had a simple and honest smile, in the hall, with a somewhat odd expression.

She didn’t know whether eating Tai Sui could prolong life, but she knew one thing very well. As long as Old Lady Tang ate that piece of meat, her good days would be completely over.

In other people's eyes, it was a glistening white piece of Tai Sui meat. But in her eyes, it was a clump of black string, as if bugs were covering it. With just one glance today, she wouldn’t be able to touch meat for a long time.

Before she had still been wondering what could gather so much filthy aura, but now the answer was just around the corner.

Tai Sui, moreover it was Tai Sui which had been already contaminated by the filthy aura. As long as one ate such stuff, they would absorb the filthy aura. This stuff was much more advanced than chemical weapons. It simply harmed others invisibly.

Was this Lin Jintang’s actions intentional or unintentional?

She was really curious.

Because of the arrival of Lin Jintang, on the second day of Old Lady Tang's birthday party, the Tang household specially hosted a reception for him. The people at the table were all Tang people. Old Master Tang introduced the young generation to Lin Jintang, hoping to let everyone know each other.

At the same time, they were finally let known the relationship between Lin Jintang and the Tang family.

As the matter of fact, the Lin household and the Tang household had originally been a little bit related, however, it’d been long ago. At the time of Old Master Tang’s generation, something had happened to the Tangs, so he’d been sent to the Lin household to be raised.

When he had been sent, Old Master Tang had only been five years old. When he left, he was thirteen years old.

Therefore, Old Master Tang's gratitude towards the Lin Family was a bit special. Moreover, Old Lady Tang had used to be the adopted daughter of the Lin household, so the relationship between the two families couldn’t be said to be distant.

Listening to Old Master Tang talk about the past, Tang Susu kept feeling like something was wrong, but didn’t know if she was overthinking.

Moreover, it seemed that Old Master Tang was the only one who had deep feelings for the Lin family. The old lady sitting next to him didn't have any smile on her face when she listened to what he was saying about Linjia Village.

It was like she and the Lin family had nothing to do with each other.

Old Master Tang spoke, full of vigor. The younger generation had no choice but to listen patiently. None dare to open their mouth, only Lin Jintang with his cold answers. They simply sat at the table and chatted for two hours.

If it weren't for it getting late, and considering Old Man Tang's health, it was estimated that the two of them could still talk all night.

That evening, Tang Susu didn't stay in the old house of the Tang family, but packed her Gou Dan and prepared to go back to her home.

She greeted the housekeeper directly and went to the garage with her bag. When Lin Jintang was returning from jogging outside, he asked her to go to the garage and walked over to help her carry her luggage and prepared to send her back.

Tang Susu was just curious about this distant relative and did not refuse his kindness.

After they arrived at the garage, Tang Susu sat in the driver's seat and Lin Jintang helped her put her luggage on the passenger seat. He stood outside the car and waved goodbye to her with a smile.

Tang Susu rolled open the window and poked her head out. "How long is Cousin Jin going to stay in the Tang family?”

This question sounded somewhat wrong. A trace of embarrassment flashed across Lin Jintang's face, thinking that she wanted to kick him out.

"I'll be leaving in two days. There's no one at home and I'm gone, so the chickens, ducks, and geese would have nobody.”

"Coincidently, in a few days, I’m going to Linjia village with my boss. I don't know if it's convenient to visit Cousin Jin's house.”

"Of course you can." After hearing her, Lin Jintang's eyes brightened and he looked really happy.

"Then let’s talk later, see you then." She waved towards Lin Jintang.

After Lin Jintang watched her leave, the honest smile on his face instantly disappeared.

The first thing Tang Susu was asked to do just after returning from her leave was to travel with the boss. Although she was not alone, she could still feel the pressure.

Although she faced Shi Chengxuan every day, so far, she still couldn't get used to it.

Considering that the road to Linjia Village wasn’t easy, the driver drove a Hummer. The business manager who was traveling with them sat in shotgun, so Tang Susu could only sit in the back with the president.

It was afternoon when they departed, and it was already dark when the vehicle finally arrived at Yushu Township.

Yushu Township hadn’t been famous before; the place was not big, and there was only one good hotel in the village. According to the directions by the locals, they searched for more than half an hour before their car finally arrived outside the hotel.

It was strange that many vehicles are parked outside this hotel, and the license plates weren’t local.

"It’s strange. So many outsiders, has the news been leaked down there so that everyone is ready to grab the land?" After getting off of the vehicle, Manager Xiao of the Business Department turned several times around those cars and murmured.

Rather than grabbing the land, she was more inclined on it being grabbing the land with the Tai Sui.

Tang Susu secretly spoke in her heart.

In the hotel, the waiter told them that the standard rooms and double-bed rooms were gone. Only the deluxe suites were left, 400 a day.

And on the wall next to her, there was deluxe suites, 280 a night, clearly written.

Who let this be the best hotel in Yushu Township? People who could afford to argue could stay in the round, or they couldn't afford to stay on the ground.

Four people asked for three suites. When registering, Manager Xiao talked with the waiter and finally solved the mystery in his heart.

Just as Tang Susu had guessed, these people from other places had come in search of Tai Sui.

And according to the other party, this was not the first batch. Two groups of people had already left for Linjia Village. She really couldn’t blame them for raising the prices. It was short supply and high demand.


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