The Bowl of Seven Emotions Chapters List

Chapter 16: Shen Xiaoyue is Here

She did pay attention to the words said a few days ago. If it were a different person, they wouldn't believe Tang Susu's groundless "lies". However, Shen Xiaoyue believed, because she had no choice, and she had seen miracles.

Just a glance was enough to know that the comb was extraordinary, and coupled with such words, Tang Susu was certainly not like what others described; a loser who was kicked out of the family by an illegitimate child.

So, Shen Xiaoyue came to her.

"Did you think about it?" After drinking the champagne in one gulp, Tang Susu looked at the newlywed couple and asked her.


“Then let's go." She said as her glass was placed on the tray in Shen Xiaoyue's hand.

Shen Xiaoyue didn't leave immediately. She went around the hall again, sending out all the champagne in her hand, then left from another exit. From beginning to end, she didn't look at the man who had been dear to her.

The wedding of the grandchildren of the Shi household was an opportunity for a large number of people, especially those in power. Because the patriarch of the Shi Family was not dead, and the position of head had yet to fall on Shi Chengxuan, he had to eliminate the group of people that worked for the patriarch of the Shi family. The authority he had on Di Jiang Group could only show the terrifying power he beheld.

Such a person, even if someone were able to form a little relationship with him, it would be very useful.

Everyone knew the truth but only a few people dared to talk.

Shi Chengxuan was young, only a few years older than his nephew, plus his appearance was outstanding. Shi Chong's appearance was like sunshine, but Shi Chengxuan was more mysterious and elegant. With a tailor-made suit, it showed his good figure at a glance.

Elegant and deep gem cufflinks sparkle with his movement under the refraction of light.

In this hall, most eyes fell not on the groom, but on the groom's young uncle.

Regrettably, his face was expressionless, and the imposing aura emitting from his body was astonishing. People would have the illusion of being frozen before they get close to him. Anyone who had a brain would not willingly find bad luck and only look at him from a distance.

The only one who dared to come forward was Secretary Wu, who accompanied his boss to the wedding.

Other bosses bring beautiful women to any occasion, only Shi Chengxuan, brought a man. If it weren't for Secretary Wu's early marriage, there might have been some gossip.

Secretary Wu stood at the right rear of Shi Chengxuan and whispered beside him, "Boss, Shen Xiaoyue sneaked into the wedding.”

"Where is the person?”

"Already gone." While speaking, Secretary Wu felt very strange.

He does not doubt Shi Chong's aesthetics. Although that woman had a bad background and had some dark history, she was really smart, and she knew when to advance and retreat. By her means, as long as someone pushes the bar a little bit, she might not be worse than NingYan.

But Shen Xiaoyue's behavior in recent days made him a bit impenetrable.

Mrs. Shi was dedicated to guarding Shen Xiaoyue, and she has found the best opportunity. Why not make good use of it but waste it instead?

"En." Shi Chengxuan, as if having no interest, casually grunted. His eyes suddenly fell on a petite figure standing beside the table.

Her long black hair was loosely bunned and fixed with a pearl hairpin. As she lowered her head, the bangs on her forehead naturally hung down on the side of her face, hooking a sharp little chin.

The lighting made her face appear as if bringing a soft lambency. The bright red cherry on the silver fork touched her red lips, and she opened her mouth slightly.

This scene made Shi Chengxuan narrow his eyes.

Secretary Wu followed his boss' line of sight and saw Tang Susu dressed in a simple little black dress, leaning sideways in their direction, bowing her head to eat.

"Boss, she’s Tang Susu." Boss' vision, which had been continuously confiscated, returned. Secretary Wu introduced the woman to his boss with great expression in his eyes.

Barely filling half of her stomach, Tang Susu didn't know that someone was looking at her from behind. She took her handbag and walked out of the hall without hurry.

"Has Shen Xiaoyue met her recently?”

"Yes, they have met twice. I guess she wanted to ask her to help her contact the general manager. Do you need to tell Mrs. Stone about this?”

Perhaps, even Shen Xiaoyue couldn't think of it. She boasted about her secret whereabouts and failed to fool those who kept track of her. It was just that those people didn't truthfully report her news to Mrs. Shi.

Shi Chengxuan glanced at Secretary Wu.

Secretary Wu kept his mouth shut, knowing that his boss thought he was clattering.

The melodious music in the hall was left behind. Tang Susu, on 10 cm high heels, walked outside the hotel to find a blue Maserati parked in front of her.

A chauffeur in a tuxedo stepped down from the driver's seat and went around to the other side to open the passenger seat’s door. Tang Susu sat and the chauffeur returned to the driver's seat.

Witnessing this scene, several doormen looked at each other, finding it difficult to hide their envy.


Inside the sports car, Tang Susu leaned against the comfortable seat, lying lazily on it, without her usual temperament. Hearing the question, she just lifted her eyelids. "Where there is no one.”

After the chauffeur, Shen Xiaoyue, heard it, she gripped the steering wheel and went on another road.

The sports car sped along the road to a barren hill on the outskirts of the city.

After stopping the car, Shen Xiaoyue took off her tuxedo and came down from the car wearing only a white shirt.

After a while, Tang Susu also got out of the car, holding one more thing in her hand.

Looking at the broken bowl in her hand, Shen Xiaoyue was dumbfounded for a moment, but she didn’t bother to ask.

"You can help me, right?”

"It depends on what outcome you want to have." Getting something for nothing, expense and revenue; all demands Shen Xiaoyue alone, it was only natural to be careful. "If you want his life. Perhaps it won't work. You can't afford the price.”

She wet her lips. "I don't want his life. I want him to lose the rights he now has.”

At the beginning, Shi Chong could bury the truth of her sister's death forever with just one word because he was a grandchild of the Shi family. No one could dare to ignore him. His words could change a person's life.

What would he be like if he didn't have these capabilities?

Shen Xiaoyue was looking forward to it.

Tang Susu raised the bowl in her hand and said to Gou Dan, who was lying in the bowl with his small chin stuck in the gap, "What do you think?”

"This is easy, just bring the comb.”

In Shen Xiaoyue's hand, the comb could only work if it was put in the other party's hand, but it was different for Gou Dan.

Tang Susu smiled with satisfaction, looked up, and said to Shen Xiaoyue, "Yes, you need to use the comb in your hand. You will have ten years of anger to exchange instead.”


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