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Chapter 15: Transaction

"I remember that you mentioned your sister’s death. Was her death related to Shi Chong?" Tang Susu still remembered those words in the hospital. Shen Xiaoyue thought Shi Cong would die soon, she wasn’t able to suppress the excitement in her heart and ended up revealing a part of the truth to her.

Shen Xiaoyue snorted. "No, my sister's death had nothing to do with Shi Chong, but everything was his fault!"

This is strange. Tang Susu restrained the curiosity in her heart and waited for her to continue.

"Zhang Yaotang, aka Zhang Tezuo, and my sister were high school classmates. The two of them were in love for three years. When my sister got pregnant and happily went to Zhang Yaotang's house to surprise him, he was the one who gave my sister a big ‘surprise’ instead. The person she had cherished so much was having sex with another woman.”

After speaking for a while, Shen Xiaoyue did not look at her and continued, “She was a stubborn person, believing that Zhang Yaotang had been seduced and that he was still in love with her. She kept looking for him, hoping that he would change his mind. Then one rainy day, she went to Zhang Yaotang's workplace and did not come back.”

“How old were you at that time?" Tang Susu suddenly interjected and asked.

"Nineteen, I just graduated from high school." Shen Xiaoyue gave her a strange look. Seeing that she didn't ask any more questions, she went on, "Later, I heard that my sister was hit by a car on her way home. From the surveillance camera’s point of view, she not only ran on a red light but also took the initiative to jump in front of the car, so most of the responsibility was attributed to her. Our family was very poor at that time, my parents had died early and she used to buy things for Zhang Yaotang with most of her salary. After she died, I didn't have any money left with me after dealing with her funeral.”

"I had to live so I looked for work, but I was always dismissed by my bosses for various reasons. One day, Zhang Yaotang came to me and introduced me to someone." She said as she looked up at Tang Susu. Seeing that her eyes glinted, she smiled, "That man was not Shi Chong.”

 "..." Tang Susu closed her eyes. It's not that she didn't understand anything.

"That time, I got two thousand dollars. That money was enough for me to eat for the next three months." When Shen Xiaoyue said this, her eyes did not waver.

"You being acquainted with Shi Chong was also thanks to him?”

"Yes. Shi Chong liked cold, haughty female college students. Zhang Yaotang trained me according to his preferences." Shen Xiaoyue smiled. "In fact, I should thank Shi Chong. If it wasn’t for him, how could I have had the chance to go to college again, let alone live such a comfortable life? Everything was fine…”

"Then why did you suddenly change your mind?”

Shen Xiaoyue's voice gradually became cold, her eyes suddenly filled with hatred. "Shi Chong was drunk that day. I talked about Zhang Yaotang and brought up a past event. I realized that Zhang Yaotang worked for Shi Chong not only because he fawned on him, but also because he settled one thing for Zhang Yaotang. Can you believe that my sister's death was a murder? Zhang Yaotang could have stopped the car, but he didn't. He was sitting in that car with his woman and stepped on the accelerator over my sister. Shi Chong settled the matter for him so all the charges were shouldered by my sister!”

Tang Susu didn't speak. If what Shen Xiaoyue said was true, then Zhang Tezhu deserved to die, and Shi Chong...

Her eyes trembled slightly as she glanced at the pale woman hiding within the shadows. Compared to her sister, Shi Chong was more insignificant.

“Why didn't he die, why did he wake up? Why! If only he was dead..." Shen Xiaoyue buried her face into her hands and sobbed silently.

“What are you going to do next?”

She wiped her tears and murmured, "I don't know, there's nothing left. The Shi family is keeping an eye on me and won't let me go near him. Now he’s getting married? Hah, it’s not fair that he forgot about me and lived an enviable happy life with his wife.”

"Shen Xiaoyue, what kind of justice do you want?" Tang Susu raised her hand and shook the chilled milk tea. She then brought back Gou Dan who was ready to jump in.

“I want him dead! I think…”

Shen Xiaoyue wanted to say more but Tang Susu raised her hand and stopped her.

"Miss Shen, think clearly before you speak. Do you really want him to die?" After saying that, she pulled up her chair and looked at the woman across from her. She held the table in one hand, bent down slightly, and looked directly at the other person. "Think carefully. Come to me again after you think it over and we may be able to make a transaction that will satisfy you by then.”

After saying that, she didn't give Shen Xiaoyue any chance to speak, and left the coffee shop with her bag.

As Shen Xiaoyue watched her leave, a touch of light suddenly appeared in her dull eyes.

A transaction——

On Shi Chong's wedding day, the sun was shining brightly. Tang Susu arrived at the Century Hotel where the wedding would be held at 9:00. As a nobody, she knew the principle of keeping a low profile and hid behind the crowd.

NingYan was being led down the aisle by her father, step by step walking towards a man with a smile. The two vowed in front of everyone that they would love each other for a lifetime.

They exchanged rings and a kiss.

There was a lot of applause, she even heard the girls squealing in envy.

She spent some time staring at Mrs. Shi who was entertaining guests and noticed that Mrs. Shi kept staring at the entrance while her son and daughter-in-law were taking the oath as if worried that someone would suddenly break-in.

Until the end of the ceremony, no one came uninvited and she was sincerely relieved.

Looking at her tall and handsome son on the stage, with her daughter-in-law on his right, Mrs. Shi showed a satisfied smile. How could they make a sordid woman give birth to the future heir of the Shi family?

Some people's hearts were that big.

After the end of the ceremony, the banquet was officially opened. Shi Chong accompanied Ning Yan to change her dress. Tang Susu conveniently took a glass of champagne from the waiter's hand. For a long time, the waiter did not leave but instead stood beside her.

When she looked up, she found that the waiter that had neat, short hair wearing a tuxedo was Shen Xiaoyue.

She smiled. Mrs. Shi's concern held true. If Shen Xiaoyue broke in today, it was hard to say whether the wedding could’ve gone smoothly.

But she gave up the opportunity and came to find her instead.


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