Domineering CEO Is My Son

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Chapter 17: Genius Child

“Little Kangkang’s IQ and EQ are astonishing. I suspect that he’s a genius.”

In the afternoon, when the parents came to pick up their children, Ms. Liu asked Xia Sheng to stay behind.

Even though Xia Sheng already told her husband, she was still surprised that the kindergarten teacher also said the same.

Ms. Liu recounted everything that had happened today.

“Some other mature children had noticed that this is a stuffed animal.” Ms. Liu remembered little Kangkang, her heart still warmed. “He quickly noticed that, but when another teacher was ridiculing me and this stuffed animal, he spoke up quickly and solved the awkwardness. That moment, he made that teacher speechless just by saying a few sentences.”

“It’s very rare for ordinary kids to have this mentality.”

Xia Sheng struggled to visualize this scene.

“Since his birth, the longest phrase he had said to us was not wanting to go to kindergarten. He probably hadn’t said five sentences his whole life.” Xia Sheng couldn’t imagine her son rambling on in kindergarten.

“Really?” Ms. Liu was shocked. She just thought that he didn’t speak much at home, not that he almost never spoke at all.

“Don’t worry,” Ms. Liu continued, “and stay patient. I’ll try to ask him more about the situation.”

Yue Qin was holding his son, weighing him. “I think you got lighter.”

President Kang looked at his big father with contempt. Are you weighing a pig?

“What did you eat at school? It feels like you’ve got skinnier.”

President Kang didn’t respond. He still remembered the two happily wandering off without looking back.

“Do you want to eat omurice for dinner?” Yue Qin asked.

The little kid’s ears twitched, the contempt in his eyes immediately disappearing, and looked to him as if he was asking him what an omurice was.

“You’ve never tried it—it’s Papa’s favorite childhood food.”

“What specifically is it?” The child finally spoke.

When Xia Sheng came out, her husband was talking about omurice and his childhood to his son.

“Papa was poor when he was young, so your grandma would use sauce, egg, peanuts, rice, and vegetable leaves to make omurice. Papa used to be able to eat five or six of them each meal.”

President Kang wanted to say that he was still pretty poor.

“Your grandma mailed us some sauce, so we can make omurice tonight.”

Xia Sheng looked at her son, his face straight but eyes lively, indeed appearing like an extraordinary child.

Xia Sheng couldn’t understand why his son was so talkative at school compared to home.

“Mama is back.” Yue Qin carried their son to Xia Sheng, asking her about what the teacher had said with his eyes.

The two were quite unified in raising their child. “The teacher was complimenting Kangkang for being a genius,” Xia Sheng said.

Yue Qin smiled. “I thought so, too. We didn’t take the IQ test at the hospital last time, so we should go again soon.”

Xia Sheng nodded.

President Kang heard the two’s conversation, thinking that he’ll be a child genius soon.

When he came home, he saw a couple of large jars of sauce on the table. There was even a glass jar full of kimchi.

Beside the food, there was a George Pig backpack. Inside, there was a pencil case, markers, notebooks, and a children's picture book.

When the doctor confirmed that the child could attend kindergarten two days ago, Yue Qin naturally shared the good news with his family. To congratulate, the grandma went to buy him some school supplies and mailed some food along.

President Kang looked at the sauces, thinking that the bad color would ruin tonight’s dinner.

He stared at his father for a long while, but the father couldn’t sense what he was trying to say.

Yue Qin was still enthusiastically working to fix their dinner, frying the pork belly such that it was crisp on the outside but still tender on the inside.

“I’m not eating this.” President Kang was right beside the father, swallowing. Trying to prevent the pork belly from being polluted by the sauce, he said, “I’m not eating omurice.”

Things like this didn’t even go through health and safety inspections. Who would risk eating it?

Yue Qin diced the chopped pork belly, lightly dipping it in the sauce and giving his son a piece. “Your grandma made this herself. It’s really good, just try it.”

He noticed that his son had a weird problem that no ordinary kid had.

Most kids would want to try everything, especially food they haven’t tried. They would stuff everything in their mouths.

However, his son refused everything before trying, like how he didn’t want to go to kindergarten when he had never experienced it.

Now, he was refusing the food before trying it.

For any other kid, if you exaggerated to them that rocks were delicious, they might even try to lick it.

His son was rejecting delicious food before he had even tried it. Is this the pain of being a genius?

Even thinly coated with sauce, the aroma of the meat was still there.

President Kang couldn’t understand why he felt that this meat was so delicious, even though his personal chefs all had Michelin stars.

“Try it. If you think it doesn’t taste good, papa won’t make omurice or use that sauce again,” Yue Qin promised.

President Kang looked at the remaining pork belly. He was going to risk it for the remaining meat!

President Kang closed his eyes, as if he was facing an execution, then opened his mouth and started to eat.

The slightly burnt meat conquered his taste buds in combination with the special sauce.

Yue Qin watched his son satisfyingly finish the meat, saying, “See, Papa didn’t lie to you. Isn’t it tasty?”

“Kids like you should try things before deciding whether to like them or not. You’ll miss many delicacies otherwise.” The dumb big father started to lecture him slowly.

President Kang felt that his self-esteem as a boss was hurt. Immediately straightening his face, he said firmly, “It tastes bad.”

Yue Qin looked at him, saying the food was bad. He wasn’t angry and kept his smile. “Then Papa will follow his promise. We won’t make omurice tonight, and I’ll just cook the pork belly with salt.”

President Kang was dumbfounded. You’re going to hold your promise with a kid?

Xia Sheng was learning musical composition in her room when her son walked in. He looked around, like a boss inspecting someone’s workspace.

Xia Sheng didn’t ask why he was here. After a while, he couldn’t keep it back himself, walking to her and stuttering, “Papa said we won’t be having omurice today.”

“Why?” Xia Sheng had received a message from her husband already, so she knew the entire conflict.

“I don’t know why. Maybe he doesn’t want to make it anymore.” The kid said with a face full of innocence.

The author has something to say: Yue Qin: Son, who taught you to tattletale?

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