Domineering CEO Is My Son

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Chapter 13: King of Kindergarten

The clinic was divided into two rooms, one for the doctor, and a waiting room for the parents.

The doctor chatted with Yue Qin and Xia Sheng for a bit over ten minutes to get some context.

“I need to talk to him by myself,” the psychologist said.

A nurse came to lead Yue Qin and Xia Sheng to the adjacent room.

There were a lot of toys in that room. Xia Sheng was still worried, but considering that the doctor was a specialist, she sat down and stared at the door.

Yue Qin put an arm around and onto his wife’s shoulder. “Don’t worry, he’ll be fine.”

“I read the symptoms of autism online. It wasn’t like him. He keeps being contemptuous of me, and he even talks now.”

Meanwhile, inside the room, President Kang pretended to be deaf, not responding to a single word.

As long as he didn’t say anything, she wouldn’t be able to find flaws in his decoy.

President Kang stared at the horn of a little dinosaur toy on the doctor’s desk, thinking about ordinary things while continuing to ignore the doctor.

However, despite this, she still made notes every so often on her notepad.

President Kang felt powerless. His strategy was ineffective.

How could this be? He didn’t give a single response. If she could also tell that his mind belonged to another body, then… Then he’d get her contacts and book an appointment once he returned to his original body.

“Mr. Yue, Ms. Xia.” The psychologist opened the door and passed a piece of paper to them.

President Kang’s heart pounded rapidly. He looked at the people in the room, terrified that the doctor might announce that he had two consciousnesses with one being twenty-four years old.

“You should go do this examination first. The results will be affected by it,” the psychologist said.

President Kang felt relieved. It seemed like she wasn’t as superhuman as he’d thought. The girl probably got her results so fast from her other consciousness revealing itself.

President Kang was lifted off the ground by the big guy. He patted his head. “Papa and mama are taking you for an examination.”

Most children were only accompanied by one parent, so the couple had an advantage in their numbers. One went to pay while the other lined up. By the time one finished paying, the other was already at the front of the line, ready to be examined.

President Kang was astonished by the amazing speed. He didn’t know that the child he was in had been a regular since around one year of age. The couple knew the hospital system from inside out.

President Kang didn’t resist as he didn’t think the exam would yield any results.

“Did the child recently refuse to communicate, have a bad appetite, or show a change in personality?”

Having received the results, the couple headed upstairs. The doctor placed President Kang on the foam floor mat in the other room.

As soon as the doctor closed the door, President Kang crawled next to it, his ear against the door, listening to the doctor speak.

Shit, does she actually know what she’s doing?

“I observed your interactions with him. Combined with the results from the examination, he isn’t autistic. Actually, he is closer to having a child narcissist disorder*?”

*Translated from “全能自恋.” There isn’t a prevalent word in English for this condition in the medical field.

Narcissist disorder?

President Kang was confused, continuing to listen and hoping to hear an explanation for this condition.

“It’s fairly common amongst people in their infancy. Due to them just getting to know the world, they think that they can do anything, and everything has to revolve around them.”

“Every child goes through this, so the parents need to help the child correct their vision and get to know others. It’s normal even for four-year-olds.”

Was this psychologist calling him a giant baby*?

*Translated literally from 巨婴, which is sometimes used when referring to people with this disorder

Suddenly, the door on the side opened. The nurse who was coming in froze.

A short plump kid was eavesdropping on the conversation like a spy agent.

It was the first time parents brought in a kid so young for psychological counseling. She didn’t expect children to be doing this at such a young age.

Under the nurse’s bewildered and amused gaze, President Kang stood up and dusted his perfectly clean clothing before walking straight back to the foam mat. He began to stack the letter “N” out of the toy building blocks.

Inside the room, the doctor continued, “He doesn’t need to go to a specialized school. He can just attend regular kindergarten.”

President Kang sat on the vibrantly colored tiles, now expressionlessly building a letter ”B.“*

*Put together, NB is a Chinese slang acronym meaning “very cool.”

However, under his stone face, he was actually very anxious. What’s the doctor talking about now?

After a long while, the door beside him finally swung open. Yue Qin and Xia Sheng walked out of the room, the man picking up his son.

“The doctor said that you’re a child prodigy. How about we put you in a school for geniuses?”

President Kang: “...” What do you mean? She literally said that I was a giant baby.

He didn’t even take an intelligence test, so how could he attend an advanced school? This lying hunk.

President Kang’s predictions were correct. The next day, he was dropped off at a regular kindergarten.

Back in his special school, he’d only had two classes, and both were in the morning.

Now, his kindergarten was for the whole day. The couple was immediately relieved. Their child was obedient and smart, but they were still glad because he could start a new life and interact with people his age.

That night, the couple prepared a feast to celebrate him going to kindergarten tomorrow.

President Kang was dumbfounded. He didn’t want to go to kindergarten. He didn’t like the people in the special school, but he despised kindergarteners.

Even though they had problems, the people in his special school didn’t disturb him.

Kindergarten… President Kang had a horrible impression on kindergarteners.

Twenty years ago, little President Kang had put on his kindergarten uniform and happily stepped inside a school with his backpack for the first time.

Back then, little President Kang was very curious about this new world known as “kindergarten.” He had social needs too, as no one his age played with him.

However, after a single month, when President Kang returned home, he was very dismissive. He threw his backpack aside, ripped off his school uniform, and waved his arm, deciding that he would never go to kindergarten again.

“Why don’t you want to go to kindergarten? Don’t you want to play with the other kids?” the housekeeper asked.

“It’s too boring. All those childish kids calling for mama and papa, it feels like they haven’t gotten off of their baby formulas yet,” President Kang said with contempt.

“What’s so special about having a dad and a mom? It’s not a single bit better than me. I don’t have to go to kindergarten if I don’t want to, I can eat whatever I want, and I can get as many toys as I wish! There will never be a parent saying what I can’t do and demanding I share toys with others.”

Little President Kang was rich, so he never went to kindergarten again.

Instead of sharing a teacher with a bunch of classmates, a bunch of teachers came to his home and shared him as a student; he’d been their only student of all of them.

Now, what type of suffering is this! President Kang was demoralized.

He’d escaped kindergarten when he was young and became a great capitalist, and now he had to go back to kindergarten?

Was the world playing with him?

“Son, do you not want to go to kindergarten?” Xia Sheng acutely sensed that her son’s mood was a bit low after they visited his kindergarten.

President Kang looked at Xia Sheng, opened his large watery eyes, and pressed his lips together, appearing very pitiful.

The father to the side: “...” How… The change in attitude is so obvious.

The author has something to say: Note: The definitions of child narcissistic disorder came from Baidu.

Little Theater:

President Kang: I will become the king of the Southern City Kindergarten!

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