Saving One Hundred Million Stars

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Chapter 7: The Young and Renowned Drama Maniac [7]

Taking advantage of the tail end of summer vacation, Qi Zhi finally successfully registered his entertainment company. Although it was called an entertainment company, in reality, it was currently just a studio with only him as the sole artist.

Qi Zhi was very selective in his tastes and single-mindedly wanted to promote Li Mengfu, so he ignored inquiries from industry professionals, choosing to bide his time.

After all, Qi Zhi had the backing of the Qi family, so money was not an issue.

After establishing his company, the first thing Qi Zhi did was to contact Li Mengfu, wanting to sign her over.

【Mengfu, I've something to discuss with you.】Qi Zhi sent her a text message.

Li Mengfu took a long while to reply, saying that her parents had secured a high-end luxury brand advertisement for her, and she was currently filming in a studio in the city center.

Riding on the coattails of her role in "Old Shadows of the Republic of China'', Li Mengfu's commercial value doubled, and she was actually approached by luxury brands.

This made Li Mengfu's mother extremely happy.

She was busy sending Li Mengfu over there, and then anxiously awaited for the paycheck to come in after the shoot.

【Which brand?】 Upon hearing this, Qi Zhi casually asked her.

To be honest, Li Mengfu's foundation was still unstable after just successfully transitioning. She had no agency and not much in the way of connections and resources.

Qi Zhi was surprised that a luxury brand came to her door before she had completely shed the label of 'National Sweet Sister'.

The image of Li Mengfu as the "National Sweet Sister" combined with luxury brands always made Qi Zhi feel a bit incongruous.

【It's the upcoming R series from brand A.】Li Mengfu named a brand familiar to Qi Zhi and even sent him a photo along with it.

In the picture, Li Mengfu wore a sweet smile, her eyes innocent and pure, resembling an innocent elf girl who had accidentally fallen to the mortal realm.

Yet, around her neck hung a necklace made of a material unsuitable for her age.

The design of the necklace was ingenious, that is to say, it was luxurious and dazzling - undoubtedly a high-end piece of jewelry.

Unfortunately, the necklace's exquisite and luxurious temperament was extremely mismatched with the seventeen year old Li Mengfu's clean and pure temperament, making it feel awkward at first glance.

Qi Zhi frowned and dialed her number. "Mengfu."

"Ah?" Li Mengfu was somewhat puzzled: "What's wrong?"

Qi Zhi said in a deep and serious voice:

"This advertisement isn't suitable for you. Wait for me there, don't start shooting yet."

It wasn't just because the luxurious jewelry didn't match Li Mengfu's temperament. It was also because the luxury brand was favored by some mistresses and kept women, who believed that brand A could showcase their status.

However, in the eyes of true high-society ladies, wearing A-brand accessories was considered to bring bad luck.

The brand's image had been distorted by its consumer base, and Qi Zhi naturally didn't want Li Mengfu to get involved in this murky situation.

These things would be difficult to explain clearly in a short while, so Qi Zhi immediately drove over to the photography studio.

On the other end, Li Mengfu looked bewildered.

This was her first luxury brand advertisement, and it was also the highest-paying advertisement she had ever landed.

But according to Qi Zhi, he seemed to disapprove of her taking this advertisement?

"Mengmeng, what are you standing there for?" Li Mengfu's mother signaled her, urging her to go to the photographer.

"Mom, Qi Zhi just called and asked me to wait for him."

Li Mengfu suddenly felt her throat dry and whispered, "It might be something important."

Concerned that the photography team was from the brand, Li Mengfu didn't directly say that Qi Zhi didn't want her to take the advertisement.

"What could be more important than you doing this ad?"

Li Mengfu's mother glared at her, her face full of exasperation: "This is from Brand A! I've seen many wealthy ladies wearing their designs!"

To land an advertisement from Brand A was truly a stroke of dog luck. How could this stupid child dislike it?

"Mom, just wait a moment."

Li Mengfu's eyes flashed slightly as she approached the photographer, calmly stating that she wasn't feeling well and needed to use the restroom.

Seeing that she actually dared to dismiss the photographer on her own, Li's mother was shocked. She realized that her daughter really had hardened her wings now.

After excusing herself, Li Mengfu secretly prayed for Qi Zhi to arrive soon.

She believed Qi Zhi - since he said she shouldn't accept it, he must have his reasons. Qi Zhi would never harm her.

In no time, Qi Zhi strode into the studio, sending Li Mengfu a message that he had arrived.

Only then did Li Mengfu dare to walk out of the restroom, receiving a secret glare from her mother.

Qi Zhi's heart warmed up at the sight.

Li Mengfu had been controlled by her parents since young and lacked her own opinions.

On the way here, Qi Zhi was worried that Li Mengfu might not listen to him and go ahead with the shoot. He didn't expect the girl to hide in the restroom.

"Sorry to keep you waiting." Qi Zhi nodded and smiled at Li Mengfu, then glanced at Li Mengfu's mother with a fleeting coldness in his eyes.

Li Mengfu's face flushed in embarrassment for a moment, then she breathed a sigh of relief. Luckily Qi Zhi came quickly, otherwise she wouldn't have been able to hide any longer.

Qi Zhi strode over to Li Mengfu's mother with steady pace: "Auntie, this brand's advertisement cannot be accepted."

Li's mother, sensing trouble when she saw Qi Zhi coming, felt her uneasy premonition confirmed.

She immediately glared angrily and asked sharply: "Tell me, why can't we accept it?"

Afterwards, Qi Zhi calmly explained the ins and outs to her without rushing. At the end, he added:

"If Mengfu accepts this ad, she will be labeled as that kind in the future. The biggest loss would be damage to her image, affecting her future in the entertainment industry."

Hearing this, Li Mengfu's mother's expression gradually changed, and the way she looked at Qi Zhi changed again and again.

Being born into a wealthy family, the child understood much more about luxury goods than them.

Li Mengfu was only seventeen years old, not yet an adult. What if she was labeled as a 'bad woman' or a mistress?

How would she still marry into a good family in the future?

Li Mengfu's mother was a conservative middle-aged woman with a traditional mindset, so she wouldn't want to see Li Mengfu's innocent and sweet image collapse.

But to give up such a high advertising fee, Li Mengfu's mother was also unwilling.

Seeing her expression, Qi Zhi understood what she was thinking.

"We've already accepted the deposit. If we breach the contract, we'll have to pay the liquidated damages."

Li's mother's eyes flickered. She knew Qi Zhi was rich, and if he truly didn't want Mengmeng to take this kind of advertisement, he would have to help with the penalty!

"That won't be a problem," Qi Zhi nodded. This was his plan all along: "I'll pay the breach of contract damages and as compensation, I can help Mengfu find a new endorsement."

Hearing the latter half of the sentence, Li Mengfu's mother's anger immediately turned to joy, and her wrinkled face instantly lit up like a chrysanthemum: "Ai, how can I accept this?"

Qi Zhi gave a kind smile and nodded, "Then, I would appreciate it if you could talk to the brand, Auntie."

"Alright, I'll go now." After saying this, Li Mengfu's mother went to talk to the representatives of the brand.

Qi Zhi sighed as he massaged his temples. Given that Mengfu was still a minor, she lacked the authority to make many decisions on her own, tying his hands as well. It became imperative for him to sign her away from her parents control as soon as possible so that she could decide matters for herself.

"Qi Zhi." Seeing the two communicate and her mom going to negotiate the termination of the contract, Li Mengfu walked over and asked Qi Zhi: "Qi Zhi, what did you say to my mom?"

Li Mengfu was still wearing the new necklace from Brand A. Qi Zhi signaled her to come closer.

Li Mengfu took a step forward, looking at him with pure, puzzled eyes.

Qi Zhi reached out and unclasped the necklace for her: "Brand A's image is not suitable for you. I'll find you a better one."

Qi Zhi also quietly explained to Li Mengfu why it was not suitable for her.

At first, Li Mengfu was still confused, but after a few seconds, she nodded her head in realization, "I see."

Seeing that she understood, Qi Zhi smiled gently: "You're an actress and a public figure. Naturally, you must take care of your own image and not accept any advertisement just because they offer money."

Hearing this, Li Mengfu pursed her lips. With a sidelong glance at her mother, her eyes flickered as she said softly: "But they just accept anything."

She was a child, without the right to choose.

The brands interested in her were mostly everyday products, snacks, and the like. Rarely did big brands approach her.

When Qi Zhi took off her necklace, he couldn't resist pinching her cheek. "It's okay. In the future, you can take the endorsements that suit you and what you want to do."

"Come to my side," Qi Zhi murmured gently to her. His eyes, deep and captivating, seemed like they could pull Li Mengfu in:

"I will let you shine at the pinnacle in all your glory."


In the afternoon, Qi Zhi and Li's mother discussed the signing of Li Mengfu with Qi Entertainment for a full two hours.

Li's mother was unwilling to let go, but she couldn't resist the temptation of Qi Zhi's capital backed by the Qi family. She struggled to get more benefits for herself.

"Auntie, don't be too greedy without the ability, like a snake trying to swallow an elephant whole." Qi Zhi pointed to the spot on the contract where she needed to sign, looking a bit impatient. "You've been dealing with business for Mengfu for so many years. You should know that the terms of this contract are much more generous than other companies."

Li's mother swallowed her saliva, pretended to be calm as she sipped her tea, and then started faking distress, "You want me to stay out of Mengmeng's career in the future. aren't you just forcing me to sign a contract of sale for Mengmeng."

"Our poor Mengfu was so small back then..." Li Mengfu's mother gestured with her hands, starting to complain about how hard it had been raising Li Mengfu all these years.

Li Mengfu really couldn't bear to listen anymore and interrupted her, "Mom!"

"The conditions Qi Zhi offered are already very good."

"Didn't you try to approach Yun Luo Entertainment and Di Xin Entertainment last year? Their conditions weren't as good as what Qi Zhi is offering," Li Mengfu frowned.

Li Mengfu grew up in a family-run studio. During her child-star days, she could still rely on familiarity with famous directors to get acting opportunities. However, since turning fifteen, Li Mengfu had fallen into an awkward situation where she couldn't play she couldn't play children roles anymore nor was she able to play adult roles either.

Li's mother couldn't get resources on her own and tried to find a big company to collaborate with her, but the big companies were all bloodsuckers who wanted a 50-50 split with her.

Naturally, Li Mengfu's mother wouldn't agree to that, so she had to give up.

Li Mengfu's words were simply a slap in the face of her mother.

Li Mengfu's mother's expression turned angry and she habitually scolded her, "Adults are talking, what are you butting in for?"

Hearing this, Qi Zhi looked at her with a smile that wasn't quite a smile, coldness flashing in his eyes. If not for considering that this woman was Li Mengfu's mother, Qi Zhi wanted to use violence directly.

"You're refusing a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit."

Under Qi Zhi's cold stare, Li Mengfu's mother suddenly realized Qi Zhi was also just an 18-year-old kid, yet acted so calm and experienced.

"Xiao Qi and Mengmeng have known each other since childhood and are both friends."

With a smile on her face, Li's mother finally pressed her fingerprint and signed, saying, "Auntie is entrusting Mengmeng to you, I hope you won't mistreat her."

"This is natural." Qi Zhi nodded, gesturing for Li Mengfu to sign too.

Li Mengfu: "......" Speaking as if I'm being sold to Qi Zhi.

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