The Bowl of Seven Emotions

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Chapter 14: Discarded Souvenir Of Love

It turns out that he remembered Shen Xiaoyue's birthday when he was exiting the auction house so he gifted Shen Xiaoyue the comb while he sent Ning Yan a rose instead.

At that time, he didn't think much of it, but now that his old feud was being exposed, he was becoming more and more embarrassed.

"I'm not bringing up the past. I know that you didn't like me at that time, and you were forced by Uncle and Aunt to be with me. But, I hope that Shen Xiaoyue will not appear between us in the future.”

The rims of Ning Yan's eye reddened. Her eyes were pleading and Shi Chong couldn't refuse her. He had to fight back the slightest reluctance in his heart as he nodded heavily.

Now that Shi Chong had already agreed, Ning Yan didn't say anything further. She put the comb in his hand and walked out of the office.

Shi Chong looked at the comb in his hand for a long time, then finally put it into his pocket.

When he walked out of the office, he didn't see Ning Yan outside. When he asked Tang Susu, he told him that she had already gone downstairs and was waiting for him in the parking lot.

Shi Chong didn't reply. She saw him pacing around her desk. Even as the elevator came up, he didn't take it. Tang Susu wondered if he had a dispute with his fiancee.

"General Manager, the elevator is here." Tang Susu told him.

"Oh, let's go." After taking two steps, Shi Chong turned back, took an article from his pocket, and put it on Tang Susu's desk. "If you have a chance to see Xiaoyue, give this back to her. If you can't meet her, you can do whatever you want with it.”

After he finished, he strode into the elevator before Tang Susu could reply.

Tang Susu looked around, confused, she didn't know whether to cry or laugh in this situation. The comb was handed to her in such a weird way. Gou Dan couldn't wait to rejoice as soon as he heard what Shi Chong had said to Tang Susu. He licked the comb, as the black ripple started to emerge.

Under the black ripples, a color that looked like white jade was faintly visible, but it was quickly hidden by the thick black jade.

She didn't prevent Gou Dan's maneuver. Now that the comb had been handed to her, how she chose to deal with it was her problem. It's just a pity that even Shen Xiaoyue’s last resort had been a failure.

She probably hadn't expected it. The man who was willing to go against his family for her had moved on in merely two months.

When Shen Xiaoyue came to Tang Susu for the second time, it was at the end of September. After a month's interval, she didn't seem to change much. Her whole body was covered with a gloomy aura.

She already knew that Shi Chong would get married in three days.

After Shi Chong recovered, he reconciled with Ning Yan again. They were inseparable. It was hard to imagine for someone who didn't know that two months ago, he was deeply in love with another woman.

Worried that anything would go wrong, both the Shi and Ning family, set the wedding date as quickly as possible. Tang Susu, the assistant to the general manager, was also invited. Mrs. Shi even especially gave her a dress to participate in the wedding to thank her for her "perseverance" with the general manager.

This behavior was somewhat disrespectful but Tang Susu didn't mind, she was very happy to receive this gift.

Recently, there was a shortage of funds, and her money for buying dresses was really beyond the budget.

The boss was getting married. She had nothing to do recently, so she could leave work early.

She had just walked out of the office building when she met Shen Xiaoyue, who was dressed in black, downstairs. She wore a mask and a cap, her temperament had undergone tremendous changes. Even people familiar with her probably wouldn't recognize her at a glance.

Tang Susu didn't notice her until Gou Dan called her, and only then did she see her.

Upon seeing Tang Susu coming towards her, Shen Xiaoyue paused, turned, and walked towards the coffee shop at the corner. They both entered the coffee shop one after the other, found a position in the corner, and sat down.

"You didn't give him the gift?!" As soon as they sat down, Shen Xiaoyue questioned.

Even if Tang Susu couldn’t see her expression, she could hear the anger in her voice.

She took out the box from her bag and pushed it toward Shen Xiaoyue. "I gave it to him. He had originally received it, but… after Miss Ning came, he gave it back to me, saying that if I meet you, I should give it back to you. And if I couldn’t, I should do with it as I please.”

Shen Xiaoyue clenched her hands. She raised her head fiercely as she yelled. "You lied to me!”

"Why would I lie to you?”

"How could he not accept it? This is our..." The word promise was swallowed in the end because she saw the irony in Tang Susu's eyes.

That kind of look silenced her. The anger and the sense of loss she felt suddenly disappeared as if all the emotions were just an act.

"The comb is pretty good. Unfortunately, it’s of no use." Tang Susu lifted the cup of milk tea brought by the waiter, took a sip, and put it aside while admiring its taste.

Gou Dan jumped onto the table from her body and licked the milk tea from the steaming glass, his little tail flung toward the sky.

 “...What do you mean?”

"Shi Chong had an accident while holding this comb, and Zhang Tezhu had an accident on his way while retrieving the comb for you. Every time you visited Shi Chong in the hospital, you never forgot to comb his hair with this comb. Although the truth is somewhat unbelievable, it’s not difficult to guess." Tang Susu adjusted her sitting position and looked at the woman sitting opposite.

Shen Xiaoyue wasn’t stupid, she was just too anxious. If she had waited patiently, she might have achieved her goal one day, but now it seems that she didn’t want to wait, or rather, she couldn’t wait.

Shen Xiaoyue's expression froze. She then calmed down, her mouth slightly tilted sarcastically. "You have quite the large brain hole. If I could kill people casually, will I be pushed into a corner by the Shi family?"

"Probably because there were some other restrictions to use it, such as… birth dates or something?”

Her smile froze. The two people were silent and the atmosphere became awkward.

"Are you threatening me?" Shen Xiaoyue finally spoke after her long pause.

"Do you have anything worth it? Right now, you have nothing." Tang Susu's words were relentless. At this point, Shen Xiaoyue finally gave up, letting her lead the conversation.

"Then what do you want?”

"I didn't want to do anything, just a little curious as to why you would do these things. My boss was good to you before, right?" She made no secret of her curiosity and believed that Shen Xiaoyue was willing to tell her everything.

"Haha, good? Yeah, of course, he was good to me. But all of this was in exchange for my sister's life!" Shen Xiaoyue spat each word from her clenched teeth.

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