The Bowl of Seven Emotions

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Chapter 30: King Vs King

Tang Susu, who had just put on lipstick, hurriedly ran out of the room barefoot, thinking it was Shi Chengxuan who had come to pick her up early. Who would’ve known that when she opened the door it would be Tang Qiming?

Tang Qiming stood outside the door. His eyes sank slightly when he saw Tang Susu. "Are you going out?”

"Yes, I’m in a hurry. If Father has something to say, let's talk about it another day.”

"I'm afraid that can’t be done, no matter who you’re going out with. I have something important to talk to you about." Tang Qiming sternly said, not giving her an opportunity to retort. Tang Susu didn't say a word. Instead, she let him enter the house.

Tang Qiming looked around the house, disregarding Tang Susu's presence. After finishing his assessment, he turned back to Tang Susu. "It seems like you’re doing well.”

"This isn't thanks to you." Tang Susu looked at him coldly. Tang Qiming was in her home, which wasn’t a pleasant thing at all. She couldn’t bring herself to put a smile on her face.

"Susu, Father did this for your own good. Every penny you spend doesn’t come easily. If there was no Tang family, do you think you could afford this dress with your salary?”

Tang Qiming's words were logical to hear. He really deserved the title of president. Even kicking her out of her own home could be justified for her own good. Unfortunately, she was feeling sheer joy with this sort of goodness.

Moreover, he obviously didn’t understand his own daughter.

Tang Susu smiled. "But I think it’s quite easy to make money. Though my salary is not much, it’s enough for me. As for this dress, it was sent by my girlfriend, just to ensure that the Tang family hadn’t spent a single penny on it.”

Tang Qiming’s face twisted into an ugly expression. Tang Susu didn't want to let him off so easily. She smiled and said, "By the way, did Father see my sports car? That Mercedes was also a gift from my best friend. Father, what cars have you bought for me before?”

Tang Qiming was speechless. Of course, he had never bought any cars for Tang Susu, but for his second daughter, Tang Qi, he had either gifted her a car or a villa every year after her eighteenth birthday.

What had he been thinking at that time? Obviously, he thought of Tang Qi as his daughter, but that wouldn't be satisfactory for people of his standing. So, to make up for her, he gave her the best, sent her to study abroad, and gave her endless pocket money.

He never cared about how Tang Susu lived her life.

Until a while ago, when Lin Xi told him that Tang Susu didn’t have a credit card in her hand, he vaguely felt that something was wrong but that had been all.

His daughter Tang Qi had a lot of property on her name, whereas, Tang Susu was living in a house borrowed from others. He didn’t like her, but he also didn’t like to make a fool of himself. But at this point, Tang Susu had long been out of his range of control.

"Susu, I want to discuss something important with you. We'll talk about it another day if you want.”

"Say whatever you want to say now." She did not bite on his bait. What use was there to tell Tang Qiming that? She had never expected him to find his conscience within a day. That was too ridiculous. She wasn’t a small child who needed the attention of her parents.

"Qiqi said you went to Linjia Village with Shi Chengxuan, is that true?”

"What’s the matter with me going on a business trip with my boss?”

"Then do you have any idea what Shi Chengxuan's opinion on Linjia Village is?”

His words made Tang Susu laugh. "Father, your words are really interesting. If I could guess my boss's opinions, what kind of an assistant would I be?”

"He didn't say anything to you? Qiqi said he was pretty good to you." Tang Qiming squinted his eyes slightly, staring at Tang Susu, who had an indifferent expression.

Tang Susu smiled faintly. "It's true that he’s really good to me. Maybe he knows that I have a sister who doesn’t have a brain to put to use, so he feels extra sympathy for me.”

Tang Qiming had been in a hurry to find her, so there must be something wrong with the cooperation with Di Jiang. Shi Chengxuan had a complicated mindset, and Secretary Wu, who had worked with him for many years, also couldn’t guess his thought process, so how could she possibly know? Forget if she knew or not. Even if she knew, she wouldn’t reveal it to Tang Qiming.

Mentioning Qiqi sentence after sentence, Tang Qi should be afraid of Tang Qiming finding out her failure, so she deliberately drew his attention to Tang Susu’s side. Tang Qiming wasn’t stupid. Once he found out about it, Tang Qi's future wouldn’t be too bright anymore.

Tang Susu, of course, wouldn’t easily let Tang Qiming know about this little secret. After all, she was a good elder sister.

"Why would you say something like this!”

"Maybe Father has never experienced your sibling repeatedly failing to hook up with your boss. It’s so embarrassing to even mention it.”


Tang Qiming saw Tang Susu's sarcastic smile. When he wanted to ask for clarification, the doorbell rang.

Tang Susu looked back at a clock on the wall. It was already the appointed time, and the person who had come to the door should be no one but Shi Chengxuan.

Sure enough, as soon as the door opened, she saw a handsome face.

“There are guests at home?" Shi Chengxuan’s eyes swept through the men's shoes on the floor and raised his eyebrows. Tang Susu flashed him an apologetic smile, and Tang Qiming came from behind her.

"President Shi?" Tang Qiming was quite shocked to see Shi Chengxuan in Tang Susu's house. The conversation, a moment ago, was still ringing in his ears. At first, he hadn’t believed Tang Qi's words, but how could Shi Chengxuan have the time to run to a little secretary's house?

"Why is President Tang here?”

He wasn’t sure if he’d heard it wrong, but the statement seemed to be questioning him about the reason for breaking into Shi Chengxuan’s private property.

Tang Susu, who was sandwiched between the two people, tactfully closed her mouth and left everything to the boss.

"I came to meet my daughter.”

"Oh? Susu was President Tang's daughter? Have I remembered President Tang’s daughter's name wrong then?”

Well, Shi Chengxuan was doing this intentionally for sure.

Tang Susu turned her back to Tang Qiming and laughed.

How could he answer this question? On one side, Tang Qi was the daughter brought by his second mistress, but realistically, she was still his illegitimate daughter. This fact was known to everyone, but when the question was asked directly to his face, it was obviously a slap to his face.

The matter of an illegitimate daughter was well known, but the legitimate daughter being kicked out of Tang Corporation for self-reliance made people believe that Tang Qiming was too shameless.

Tang Susu had obviously underestimated her father's face’s thickness. Tang Qiming even had the audacity to say, "Susu doesn't like to show off, so I rarely take her to formal occasions.”

"Is that so?" Shi Chengxuan nodded as if he really believed his words.

"Come in and sit?" Tang Qiming deliberately didn’t leave, and Tang Susu couldn't drive him out, so he looked at Shi Chengxuan. Shi Chengxuan really didn’t refuse, gladly accepting the invitation.

After entering the room, he went directly to the sofa and sat down. He took the cup brought by Tang Susu, picked up the teapot beside him, and poured a cup of tea for himself. The transparent teacup was filled with light brown liquid, and the dried roses swirled slowly in the cup.

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