The Bowl of Seven Emotions

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Chapter 20: Parting Ways

A few days later, the Shi family suddenly announced the dissolution of marriage with the Ning family, and the couple who had been married for less than a month went their separate ways.

No matter how dissatisfied Shi Cheng'en was with his father's order, he had to let Ning Yan leave.

It was heard that the eldest son and the eldest grandson of the Shi family had been discarded and the position of general manager of Di Jiang Group, which originally belonged to them, had been changed. The position that the seniors of the Shi family had sought with difficulty had irrevocably been lost.

After the news that the Ning family announced the joint construction of a shopping center with Di Jiang Group came out, the bystanders suddenly realized that Shi Chengxuan had become the biggest beneficiary of the storm that was sweeping the Shi and Ning families.

When Shi Cheng'en heard the news, his heart was filled with hatred. Mrs. Shi felt remorseful that she wasn’t able to extricate herself.

She despised Shen Xiaoyue's pregnancy because she had received information from Ning Yan that Shen Xioyue had sold herself. She eventually forced Shen Xiaoyue to have an abortion and drove her out of Fenglin city.

Now, Shi Chong was infertile, and his only child was gone just because of her words...

On Saturday, Tang Susu drove to the cemetery in the suburbs. When she arrived, it was already noon. She leisurely walked through the cemetery.

It was very quiet here. Tombstones were placed neatly with no end in sight.

A few steps away was her destination, but there was already someone in front of the tombstone.

A woman in a long black dress with short hair, wearing black shades, was holding a cigarette in her right hand. She bowed her head and said something to the tombstone while flicking off the ash.

Shen Xiaoyue.

Seeing Shen Xiaoyue here, Tang Susu didn't feel surprised.

Shen Xiaoyue turned around as she heard footsteps. She smiled.

"You have arrived."

  "En," Tang Susu went to the tombstone, bent down, and set a bouquet of white chrysanthemums she had bought outside on the tombstone.

  The two stood quietly for a while before Shen Xiaoyue spoke, "I bought a house in the neighboring city, and I will not come back again. Thank you very much for these days."

She had already heard about Shi Chong's news, and she was more satisfied than she had ever thought.

 "You're welcome, you paid the price."

 "Will he be like that for the rest of his life?"

 "No, the price you paid would only be enough for him to maintain this state for five years."

Shen Xiaoyue chuckled and said, "Five years is enough. With his character, I'm afraid he’ll collapse after just a year, and the Shi family will soon abandon him."

She raised her head and looked into the distance. Without the backing of the Shi family, Shi Chong was nothing. Her sister had finally been avenged.

"I’ll go now. Goodbye."

"Goodbye." After hearing Shen Xiaoyue's relaxed footsteps departing, Tang Susu looked away.

"Why didn't you tell her that once the source of an ordinary person’s anger is leaked, they can't live for more than five years?" Goudan laid on top of Tang Susu's head like a flat hat.

It was his new position.

"Before, didn't you say it was seven years?" Tang Susu slipped both hands into her pockets and walked.

"The extra two years of lifespan was converted into five years worth of anger and taken by me." Even if they were to die, they had to pay the price.

"Now that the transaction was over, it doesn’t matter to me how long she’ll live."

Unfortunately, Shen Xiaoyue didn't understand that, nor did she intend to tell her.

"That's right, Susu, let's go eat steamed buns." Goudan quickly shifted its attention.

 "If you get off of my head, I'll think about it."

 "Don't be so stingy~"


After Shen Xiaoyue's affair had ended, Tang Susu's life calmed down again. She rarely contacted others except occasionally making phone calls to her friend who was far away from home. No one from the Tang family came to check on her. She was afraid that they didn't even know that she entered Di Jiang. Otherwise, with her father's character, he wouldn't let her go.

Some people really couldn’t help it. One day, as soon as she got off from work, she met her father's special assistant, Linxi.

Special assistant Lin was, as usual, wearing an uptight western suit. As he saw Tang Susu exiting from Di Jiang, his eyes glinted. He moved towards her.

"Miss, long time no see."

Her other colleagues who came out with her looked curiously at Linxi. Hearing the way Linxi addressed her, they looked at her with inquiring gazes.

Tang Susu naturally saw through Linxi's trick, but what she didn't understand was him.

Originally, she had entered the company without any backing. The whole company, except Secretary Wu and the others from the secretary department who were particularly polite to her, regarded her as a stranger.

 Even when they talked behind her back, it neither hurt nor bothered her.

"Are you looking for me for something?" Tang Susu glanced at him and went out. Today her car had been sent for maintenance so she had to take the subway. She also had to stop by to buy egg tarts for Goudan.

Ever since she had left the Tang family, her happiness had skyrocketed. She had an adorable pet waiting to be fed back home, who had the patience to see the unsightly people of the Tang family.

"I heard that Miss had entered Di Jiang Group. The boss is very happy. It will be the old lady's birthday in half a month, and the boss is going to celebrate the old lady's birthday in the old house. I’m making sure Miss doesn’t forget."

 "I know." After taking two steps, Tang Susu stopped and turned to him.

"I just started working so I have no money at the moment. I hope my father won't mind when the time comes."

The smile of the special assistant was twisted. His boss cared about losing face the most, how could he not mind?

But he couldn't retaliate. After the big miss had left the Tang family, she showed her backing. It was not easy to handle her.

Neither he nor Tang Qiming could understand how Tang Susu got into Di Jiang Group. Moreover, she had become the president’s assistant.

If one were to compare her current position to Linxi’s, the difference wasn’t much.

Linxi became the special assistant of Tang Qiming after he had worked hard for more than ten years in the Tang Corporation. What about Tang Susu?

"I will convey the big miss's words to the boss."

"I also ask Special Assistant Lin to convey it truthfully." Tang Susu did not care about the threat in Linxi's words. There was the horned comb that she had just gotten her hands on. It was so expensive that one could only exchange it with the price of a hand.

But such a good thing would never be sent to the old lady Tang in vain. Her grandmother had never seen her as her granddaughter.

Requite ingratitude with kindness, for what reason would she pay her back with kindness?

The rise of the Tang family had been formed from twenty years of her life, the person who took her life was dead, and the people who enjoyed it were still alive. She owed her, and sooner or later she would pay her back one by one.

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