The Bowl of Seven Emotions

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Chapter 28: Should Not Be Eaten

At the same time, on the trail connected to a precinct behind the mountain, a surprised voice sounded. "You are digging Tai Sui again.”

At first, the voice wasn’t loud so no one could hear it clearly. When the man came near, his voice became more clear, and everyone at the site became enthusiastic.

Lin Jintang, who was burying his head in a bowl, was so shocked that his hand shook and the bowl he was holding suddenly fell to the ground and broke into pieces.

Although they had already seen Tai Sui at Lin Jintang's house, everyone was still truly curious. After paying for the lunch, they also followed him to see the Tai Sui.

A paunchy middle aged man, wearing several thousands worth of sportswear, had dug Tai Sui, possibly from the mountain or another unknown place. His face was covered with ecstasy, holding a yellow and white fat meat which seemed like Tai Sui.

"It must be real. Even he can dig it. He’s really lucky." Xiao Zihua squinted his eyes to look and said to them.

During this period of time, the middle-aged outsider came forward, and everyone ran to Mogu Cong. He hadn’t been the only one to dig up Tai Sui. If he was not lucky then what was he?

“How is this possible……” Lin Jintang mumbled as he looked at the man.

"Hey Brother Lin, the Tai Sui that was kept in your house couldn’t have been stolen, right?" Seeing the fanatical expression on those people, Xiao Zihua couldn’t help but ask Lin Jintang.

"It's okay, they couldn’t have stolen it.”

It wasn’t known where he had gained this self-confidence from, but one thing was sure, and it was that he was the owner of this house. Xiao Zihua didn’t speak. If the wall had ears, it could easily cause him trouble.

In the afternoon, they didn’t follow the previous plan to continue to visit the rest of the scenery because Lin Jintang seemed to be a little absentminded. Xiao Zihua tried talking to him, but he didn’t respond for quite a while.

Xiao Zihua assumed that he was worried about the Tai Sui in his house. He consulted with his boss and simply went back to the town to rest and come again tomorrow.

Anyway, there was enough time, so Shi Chengxuan nodded and agreed.

As they drove away, Lin Jintang remained in the precinct, staring at the man who had dug up Tai Sui.

Tang Susu turned to see the gradually disappearing figure, a hint of unease suddenly tightening her heart.

Her uneasiness soon became a reality. She met Lin Jintang again at the Yushu Township police station. Lin Jintang had no relatives; only Tang Susu had the title of distant relative with him. When the other party had an accident, she had to go there.

Fortunately, the police station was close to the hotel where she lived. She went out alone without saying a word to Xiao Zihua.

After walking for ten minutes to the police station, she spoke to the police and heard that Lin Jintang had been arrested for stealing.

When she saw Lin Jintang, he looked very embarrassed. His face was black and blue, the front half of his shirt torn, and his pants had also lost a leg.

Seeing that he didn't look good, the police quickly added, "He stole from a person who brought bodyguards.”

Tang Susu helplessly paid the fine and took him with her.

This time, because it wasn’t an expensive item that was stolen, but was Tai Sui, no one could put a proper market value on it. One could say it was either valuable or worthless. In addition, Lin Jintang had already been beaten black and blue by the bodyguards, and it was too miserable to keep watching him, so the police station didn't keep an eye on it.

After getting out from the police station, Tang Susu found a clinic nearby and gave the little nurse there 200 yuan to help buy a set of clothes. The little nurse left happily.

Lin Jintang sat down on the bed with his head down, allowing the doctor to give him an examination and bandage the wound, without a word.

The doctor left after tending to his wounds. The two of them were now alone. No one moved.

Tang Susu looked at Lin Jintang for a while and said, "Cousin Jin, don't do this next time. You can’t afford to offend those people. This time they didn’t pursue it further, but next time won't be the same."

After a while, Lin Jintang whispered, "I didn't mean to, I just… that thing should not be eaten!"

On hearing this, Tang Susu smiled and said meaningfully, "Why would you say that? My grandma was fine eating it.”

Lin Jintang suddenly looked up and saw the smile in Tang Susu's eyes.

"People always have to pay for their greed, don't you think so too, Cousin Jin?" She patted Lin Jintang on the shoulder. "I won't send you off, can you go back by yourself?"

Lin Jintang didn't say a word, and Tang Susu didn't expect him to answer, so she left the clinic.

"The vitality of this Lin Jintang is very strong. His ten years of anger is comparable to Shen Xiaoyue’s twenty years," Gou Dan voiced beside Tang Susu's ear.

“Why do you want so much anger?" Tang Susu was uncertain about what Gou Dan had said.

"What do you see in him, longevity?" Gou Dan clearly knew that his master was targeting Lin Jintang. It was just unclear which part of Lin Jintang had attracted her attention.

"Of course his longevity is good, but I’m afraid he won't agree." People who were willing to trade their lives would’ve been cornered. Lin Jintang was far from this point. The obsession in this man's heart was related to the Tang Family.

Tang Susu had no affection for the Tang family, and it would never be easy to deal with the Tang family. However, if someone did, she didn’t mind pushing them on.

So, she also needed to think about what was good to trade with.

"Humans value life too much, I’ve rarely gotten any before." Gou Dan sighed with some disappointment.

If they could collect life span, it would be of great benefit to both the owner and the Bowl of Seven Emotions.

Unfortunately, there were too many people who cherished their lives now.

"There is no need to act rashly. There will always be time to act." Desire and hatred would make people give up everything they have, and she would give them all the hands they wanted, as long as they could afford it.

The next day the weather was grey and gloomy, as if it was going to rain.

The sudden arrival of the people from Tang Corporation disrupted their original plans. Interestingly, Tang Qi was the one sent by Tang Corporation to accompany them on their inspection.

After seeing Shi Chengxuan, Tang Qi's eyes didn't fall on other places, and she didn't even have the energy to sneer at Tang Susu.

In order to give Tang Qi a chance, Tang Qiming could be described as unscrupulous.

Tang Susu followed the group of people at a leisurely pace, looking at Tang Qi walking side by side with Shi Chengxuan in front, with a sarcastic smile.

A man like Shi Chengxuan, indeed, deserved to be coveted. She could understand Tang Qiming's desire to make him his son-in-law. He clearly held high value in his lovely daughter.

Because all the places that should’ve been visited on the first day had already been visited, the next day's investigation wouldn’t waste too much time, and one morning was enough.

Tang Qi invited them to dinner at the hotel at noon. Shi Chengxuan didn’t refuse, and Tang Susu naturally followed.

Tang Qi toasted Shi Chengxuan several times, but the other party was unmoved. Tang Susu was happily watching the fun.

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