The Bowl of Seven Emotions

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Chapter 17: The Contract Is Completed

Shen Xiaoyue wasn't surprised that Tang Susu wanted the comb but she still had some doubts, "What is anger?”

"Anger is the representation of your health. If you lose your ten years of anger, you will become weak. Although you will not die, you won't live comfortably." The prerequisite of a transaction is that you can’t deceive each other. The other party should hand over the precious possession willingly. It depends on the means of the bowl owner.

Merely speaking, Tang Susu did an excellent job in paving the way. Shen Xiaoyue hesitated but she did not refuse.

She wasn’t sure whether the deal was worth it or not. She had a feeling Tang Susu was saying this on purpose to swindle the comb out of her hand.

That comb, although magical, had limited effects. Recently she started having nightmares as soon as she touched it. She also often felt faint. She wanted to send it away, but she was reluctant to part with it.

Now, there was an opportunity in front of her to cut out the mess from her life.

“I agree! ” Shen Xiaoyue clenched her fist and nodded.

"That's good, The contract is completed.”

As soon as Tang Susu's words fell, Gou Dan, who was lying in the bowl, turned into a shadowy figure and threw itself at Shen Xiaoyue and passed through her shoulder.

Shen Xiaoyue only felt unbearable heat in her shoulder. She tore off her collar and looked down to see a black plum blossom print on her shoulder. One could tell, at a closer look, that it was a paw print of a pocket cat.

Tang Susu took the black horn comb and put it into the bowl. Her fingers gently stroked the crescent edge of the bowl, and a drop of blood slid down the edge of the bowl and seeped in.

Under Shen Xiaoyue's horrified eyes, the black comb suddenly contorted, the ink mingled with dense red fumes, wrapping it like a bandage, and fell off from the comb into the bowl.

This situation lasted for about three minutes until Tang Susu raised her hand and took out the completely changed comb from the bowl. The comb turned white, as white as jade.

The terrible black and red color that was left in the bowl slowly vanished away.

"On the successful date of the transaction, our contract will officially begin, then in ten years, the transaction will end. Remember, you can't speak carelessly, will die." Tang Susu put away the stone bowl and smiled at Shen Xiaoyue.

"Rest assured...I dare not." Her heart still failed to calm down. The scene just now frightened her.

On the ride back, Tang Susu was driving while Shen Xiaoyue was in the passenger seat. She observed Tang Susu's expressions. She tried to speak several times but held back her words. Up until she got off the car, she couldn't clear her doubts.

The blue sports car drove in the other direction and quickly disappeared. Shen Xiaoyue stood on the side of the road and waited for a long time before the bus arrived. She climbed in and found a place to sit.

The direction of the bus was opposite to that of the sports car. As she sat on the wobbly seat, Shen Xiaoyue slowly closed her eyes.

Finally, there was no stranger in the car, so Goudan climbed out of the bowl and laid down by the window, basking his belly in the sun.

"Susu, are you not afraid that Shen Xiaoyue had lied to you. All of this is based on her speculation. What if Shi Chong is not that guilty?" After a prolonged silence, Gou Dan suddenly rolled over and asked curiously.

"Didn't you say that you can't read Shi Chong's memory without seven emotions?”

"That's true, but...”

"No buts. This may be the reason. The truth is, I don't care. What does right or wrong have to do with me?”

She wouldn’t deliberately harm others, but she also won’t help them and bear a loss.

Maybe she's wrong, so what? The content in the bowl was not only Shen Xiaoyue's anger but Tang Susu’s life as well.

Gou Dan licked the tip of his pink nose, went down flat, and continued basking in the sun. He was in a good mood.

With such a master, it would be awake for a long time. It has been sleeping for too long, and it doesn't want to sleep anymore.

After the wedding of the Shi family’s grandson, the upper-class of Fenglin City immersed into a fleeting period of peace, but within a month, a bomb was suddenly dropped.

The Shi Family's grandson, who is said to have gone on a honeymoon with his new wife, was urgently returned in a private jet.

Not long after leaving the hospital, Shi Chong was sent back. But this time was different from the last time. Everyone knew that there was an accident last time. This time, the news was blocked, and no one knew what was wrong with the eldest master of the Shi family.

However, after Miss Ning went back to her mother's house, instead of her husband’s house. Everyone had some thoughts in their hearts.

"Mom, I want a divorce. I want to divorce Shi Chong!" After returning home, Ning Yan finally couldn't help but feel wronged as she cried out to her parents.

Ning’s father sat on the couch and quietly looked at his daughter. Ning Yan, who was venting her grievances, didn't notice her father's abnormality and didn't hear her mother's sigh.

"Say it, what happened to son-in-law?”

"While I had gone shopping, he was with another woman...he was fooling around with another woman!”

As she remembered the scene, NingYan couldn’t control the nausea she felt.

How could this happen? She did not believe that Shi Chong would do this to her! This was their honeymoon. Why would Shi Chong look for another woman?!

"And then what?" Mrs. Ning was not moved and continued to ask.

"The two of us quarreled, and I hit him with my bag and hurt him..." Ning Yan's voice became smaller as her expression changed to guilt.

"hurt where?”

"...... " Ning Yan lowered her head. She did not dare to look at her parents or answer.

"Answer!" Father Ning hit the tea table, which shocked both mother and daughter.

Ning Yan had never seen her father so angry. She was so scared that she blurted out, "Injured that place, but the doctor said it was only broken, and it could be connected."

"" Father Ning was so angry with her that his chest flared up and he almost fell.

He thought his daughter, who had been raised well, was a wise person. He didn't expect her to do such a stupid thing.

This marriage was an arrangement between two families. It was not his fault that Shi Chong derailed on the honeymoon. Originally, the Ning family could take this opportunity to carve up a large part of the profits. If his daughter goes on with this, it would make the two families instantly turn against each other. Not to mention whether it could be cured or not, even if it was cured, it would not be settled!

What's more, instead of going to the hospital when she got off the plane, this daughter of his went back to the Ning residence directly. This evasive behavior probably added fuel to the fire.

Ning Yan was pressured by her parents to go to the hospital to see her husband but was stopped outside.

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